** Free shipping worldwide *** Please allow 6 weeks for production **


Are prices in USD or AUD?

Prices are in Australian dollars (AUD).

How do I work out my size?

  • Organise a studio appointment by emailing office @ seb-brown.com or make an appointment here.
  • Visit a local jeweller and have them size your finger or an existing ring.
  • Purchase an adjustable ring sizer from us and we will post it out to you.
  • Carefully measure the internal diameter of an existing ring which fits and send us the measurement in mm's.
  • Please note an incorrect size will incur a $30AUD re-size fee, excluding return postage.

Do you ship worldwide?


Can I customise a Seb Brown piece? 

We offer a bespoke consultation service, email [email protected] or click here to make an appointment.

Where's my order?

Most of our jewellery is hand-made to order. We require between 2-8 weeks for production. If we have your item in stock (T-shirts etc) we will ship same day or the following business day. Production times may vary due to fluctuations in supply chain.

What's the difference between 9ct, 14ct and 18ct gold?

The carat number refers to the amount of gold in the alloy. 9ct is 37.5% pure gold and an alloy of copper, zinc, silver, palladium or platinum depending on whether it's yellow, white or rose gold. 

18ct gold is 75% pure gold, hence the higher price.

Why has my ring gone black (discoloured)?

Silver can react with acidity in the wearers skin. This can be caused by cosmetics, perspiration, medication or a high ph level. A gentle polish with a metal-specific polishing cloth can remedy this.

Are SB diamonds ethically sourced?

We source diamonds from a reputable diamond dealer in Melbourne, Australia. Diamond suppliers in Australia are signatories of the Kimberley Process, ensuring rough diamonds sourced are conflict-free. 

Diamonds are extremely hard, offering unparalleled durability for everyday wear. 

Can I supply existing gemstones or gold for a new piece?

Yes, however we will need to physically see, measure and assess whether gemstones are suitable. We can also remove these from existing jewellery.

We are unable to re-use supplied metals.

Is it sustainable?

100% of our gold and silver rings are made from recycled/refined metals. Gemstones are sourced particularly for their hardness and quality meaning they're generally able to withstand daily wear and tear.